Manuscript Proofreading and Editing

ivermectin 12 mg tablet ingredients Pedana The manuscript editors working for Dialactic services are academicians with extensive years of experience in higher education as professionals, researchers, academicians, and professors in terms of Academic Manuscript and Scientific Manuscript Editing Services. They have in-depth understanding about the formats of manuscript writing. With special emphasis on research paper publishing and manuscript publication processes.

disloyally ivermectin fake The first draft of your manuscript is important, as it helps reader to take it serious. Employing editorial services can help you saving countless hours in writing your drafts. If your manuscript is not upto the mark it can be rejected from publication or even be published with an error that can be embarrassing. A manuscript editor with expertise in reviewing and editing can ensure that your manuscript is completely error-free.

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Editing Services

  • Editoral changes at word, sentence and paragraph level.
  • Creating a flow of the text.
  • The manuscript is checked for content, organization and style.
  • Redundancies are deleted and necessary details are retained.
  • Logical development and flow of ideas.
  • Ensure conciseness.
  • Correction in language, usage of technical terminologies, jargons, and so on.
  • Improving content organization and presentation.
  • Checking for spelling, grammatical errors, technical errors, punctuation and typographic errors.

Formatting Service

  • Content for journal specific cover letter
  • Reference formatting (efficient in various formats like APA, MLA, IEEE, and other journal specific reference styling)
  • Text formatting that includes paragraph formatting and structure checking (IMRAD pattern)
  • Check for page layout
  • Style tables and figures as per the journal guideline
  • Maintain consistency in using footers and headers, page numbering and so on
  • Return you the formatted document in fully editable format (MS Word document)
  • Create account at the journal site
  • Submit the paper on behalf of the author
  • Revisions in formatting or submission steps if asked by the journal
  • Artwork Preparation Services

  • Charts or pie-charts
  • GIS-maps
  • Photo images
  • Conceptual illustrations
  • Line graphs, bar graphs or any sort of line diagrams
  • Scientific and Technical Writing

    Caen kepromec ivermectin If you have been side-tracked and not able to complete your manuscript, simply send us your incomplete paper and we can write it from abstract to reference, including all relevant information, figures, tables, references, result interpretation, and so on. If you have shortlisted an appropriate journal, then we can also assist you in this regard by drafting a complete paper.

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